Dermaplane followed by:

Aqua Peeling

Making your skin healthy with the exclusive Pro Facial solutions to exfoliate, deep cleanse and hydrate the skin. With the benefits of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and to increase lymphatic flow. 



The sono hand piece will activate the fibroblasts within the skin to improve elasticity, or in conjunction with a facial mask enhance the delivery of nutrients into the skin. (phonophoresis)

• Melts fat & cellulite cells, gives smooth skin texture
• Helps to produce collagen & elastin

Ion Lifting

Using micro current to propel the ant-ageing ingredients of the mask deep into the skin (iontophoresis) and stimulate the skin tissue and muscles for a lifting effect.

• Stimulates skin tissue, hair roots
• Gives skin elasticity & anti-aging

Radio Frequency

With the multi-polar hand piece to stimulate collagen and elastin renewal to aid in skin tightening and increase blood flow. Giving your skin a healthy glow.

• Collagen remodelling & improve skin elasticity
• Safe and painless, with immediate effect

Cold Hammer

Calms the skin, minimises pores, treats puffy eyes. 

Cost £100